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namespace BigStarCatalogExtension { namespace BigStarCatalogExtension {
QString Star1::getNameI18n(void) const { QString Star1::getNameI18n(void) const {
if (hip) { if (hip) {
const QString commonNameI18 = StarMgr::getCommonName(hip); const QString commonNameI18 = StarMgr::getCommonName(hip);
if (!commonNameI18.isEmpty()) return commonNameI18; if (!commonNameI18.isEmpty()) return commonNameI18;
if (StarMgr::getFlagSciNames()) { if (StarMgr::getFlagSciNames()) {
const QString sciName = StarMgr::getSciName(hip); const QString sciName = StarMgr::getSciName(hip);
if (!sciName.isEmpty()) return sciName; if (!sciName.isEmpty()) return sciName;
const QString varSciName = StarMgr::getGCVSName(hip); const QString varSciName = StarMgr::getGcvsName(hip);
if (!varSciName.isEmpty() && varSciName!=sciName) return varSciName; if (!varSciName.isEmpty() && varSciName!=sciName) return varSciName;
return QString("HIP %1").arg(hip); return QString("HIP %1").arg(hip);
} }
} }
return QString(); return QString();
} }
int Star1::hasComponentID(void) const { int Star1::hasComponentID(void) const {
if (componentIds) { if (componentIds) {
return componentIds; return componentIds;
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