default_ocular.ini   default_ocular.ini 
[General] [General]
oculars_version=2 oculars_version=2
use_max_exit_circle=true use_max_exit_circle=true
ocular_count=5 ocular_count=5
ccd_count=1 ccd_count=1
telescope_count=2 telescope_count=2
enable_control_panel=true enable_control_panel=true
use_decimal_degrees=false use_decimal_degrees=false
lens_count=3 lens_count=3
[ocular] [ocular]
0\name=Ocular 0 0\name=Ocular 0
0\afov=43 0\afov=43
0\efl=40 0\efl=40
0\fieldstop=0 0\fieldstop=0
0\binoculars=false 0\binoculars=false
1\name=Ocular 1 1\name=Ocular 1
1\afov=52 1\afov=52
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