Supernovae.hpp   Supernovae.hpp 
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QString sneJsonPath; QString sneJsonPath;
class StelTextureNew* texPointer; class StelTextureNew* texPointer;
QList<SupernovaP> snstar; QList<SupernovaP> snstar;
QHash<QString, double> snlist; QHash<QString, double> snlist;
// variables and functions for the updater // variables and functions for the updater
UpdateState updateState; UpdateState updateState;
QNetworkAccessManager* downloadMgr; QNetworkAccessManager* downloadMgr;
QString updateUrl; QString updateUrl;
QString updateFile;
QProgressBar* progressBar; QProgressBar* progressBar;
QTimer* updateTimer; QTimer* updateTimer;
QTimer* messageTimer; QTimer* messageTimer;
QList<int> messageIDs; QList<int> messageIDs;
bool updatesEnabled; bool updatesEnabled;
QDateTime lastUpdate; QDateTime lastUpdate;
int updateFrequencyDays; int updateFrequencyDays;
QSettings* conf; QSettings* conf;
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