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#include <QObject> #include <QObject>
#include <QModelIndex> #include <QModelIndex>
#include "StelDialog.hpp" #include "StelDialog.hpp"
#include "Satellites.hpp" #include "Satellites.hpp"
class Ui_satellitesDialog; class Ui_satellitesDialog;
class QCheckBox;
class QListWidgetItem; class QListWidgetItem;
class QSortFilterProxyModel; class QSortFilterProxyModel;
class QStandardItemModel; class QStandardItemModel;
class QTimer; class QTimer;
class SatellitesImportDialog; class SatellitesImportDialog;
class SatellitesListFilterModel;
//! Main configuration window of the %Satellites plugin.
//! @todo Save sources list on check/uncheck.
class SatellitesDialog : public StelDialog class SatellitesDialog : public StelDialog
{ {
public: public:
SatellitesDialog(); SatellitesDialog();
~SatellitesDialog(); ~SatellitesDialog();
protected: protected:
//! Initialize the dialog widgets and connect the signals/slots //! Initialize the dialog widgets and connect the signals/slots
void createDialogContent(); void createDialogContent();
public slots: public slots:
void retranslate(); void retranslate();
void refreshUpdateValues(void);
private slots: private slots:
//! Populates the satellites list, filtering it according to group. void jumpToSourcesTab();
//! Update the countdown to the next update.
void updateCountdown();
//! Filter the satellites list according to the selected (pseudo)gro
//! @param index selection index of the groups drop-down list. //! @param index selection index of the groups drop-down list.
//! @todo Rework to use a proper model and filtering via a proxy mod void filterListByGroup(int index);
el? //! Populate the satellite data fields from the selected satellite(s
void listSatelliteGroup(int index); ).
//! Populates the satellites list with the currently selected group. //! @note The previous version used data only from the @em current i
void reloadSatellitesList(); tem
void updateSelectedInfo(const QModelIndex& cur, const QModelIndex& p //! in the list, not the whole selection. (Qt makes a difference bet
rev); ween
//! "@em the current" and "@em a selected" item - a selection can co
//! multiple items.)
void updateSatelliteData();
void saveSatellites(void); void saveSatellites(void);
void setUpdateValues(int hours); void showUpdateState(Satellites::UpdateState state);
void setUpdatesEnabled(int checkState); void showUpdateCompleted(int updated, int total, int added, int miss
void updateStateReceiver(Satellites::UpdateState state); ing);
void updateCompleteReceiver(int numUpdated, int total, int missing);
void sourceEditingDone(void); //! @name Sources Tab
void saveEditedSource();
void saveSourceList(void); void saveSourceList(void);
void deleteSourceRow(void); void deleteSourceRow(void);
void addSourceRow(void); void addSourceRow(void);
//! Toggle between modes in the Sources list.
//! If automatic adding is enabled, items in the list become checkab
void toggleCheckableSources();
void restoreDefaults(void); void restoreDefaults(void);
void saveSettings(void); void saveSettings(void);
void addSatellites(const TleDataList& newSatellites); void addSatellites(const TleDataList& newSatellites);
void removeSatellites(); void removeSatellites();
void setDisplayFlag(bool display); //! Apply the "Displayed" and "Orbit" boxes to the selected satellit
void setOrbitFlag(bool display); e(s).
void handleDoubleClick(const QModelIndex & index); void setFlags();
//! Find out if a group is added or toggled in the group selector.
void handleGroupChanges(QListWidgetItem* item);
//! Display, select and start tracking the double clicked satellite.
void trackSatellite(const QModelIndex & index);
void setOrbitParams(void); void setOrbitParams(void);
void updateTLEs(void); void updateTLEs(void);
private: private:
void connectSatelliteGuiForm(void); //! @todo find out if this is really necessary... --BM
void disconnectSatelliteGuiForm(void); void enableSatelliteDataForm(bool enabled);
void populateAboutPage();
//! Update the Settings tab with values from the plug-in.
//! Calls updateCountdown(). Connected to Satellites::settingsChange
void updateSettingsPage();
//! Populates the satellite groups filtering menu on the %Satellites
//! Preserves the current item, if it's still in the new list.
void populateFilterMenu();
//! Populates the list of sources on the Sources tab.
void populateSourcesList();
//! Add the special "New group..." editable item to the group select
//! Unlike the other items, which can only be checked/unchecked, thi
s one
//! can be edited. Saving the edit will add a new group with the spe
//! name.
//! Called by updateSatelliteData() and handleGroupChanges().
void addSpecialGroupItem();
//! Applies the changes in the group selector to the selected satell
void setGroups();
Ui_satellitesDialog* ui; Ui_satellitesDialog* ui;
bool satelliteModified; bool satelliteModified;
void setAboutHtml(void);
void updateGuiFromSettings(void);
void populateGroupsList();
QTimer* updateTimer; QTimer* updateTimer;
SatellitesImportDialog* importWindow; SatellitesImportDialog* importWindow;
QStandardItemModel* satellitesModel; SatellitesListFilterModel* filterModel;
QSortFilterProxyModel* filterProxyModel;
//! Makes sure that newly added source lines are as checkable as the
Qt::ItemDataRole checkStateRole;
}; };
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