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// Draw the splash screen. // Draw the splash screen.
splash->bind(); splash->bind();
renderer->drawTexturedRect(splashx, splashy, width, height); renderer->drawTexturedRect(splashx, splashy, width, height);
renderer->setFont(extraTextFont); renderer->setFont(extraTextFont);
const QFontMetrics fontMetrics(extraTextFont); const QFontMetrics fontMetrics(extraTextFont);
renderer->drawText(TextParams(splashx + extraTextPos[0], renderer->drawText(TextParams(splashx + extraTextPos[0],
splashy + extraTextPos[1] - fontMetric s.height() - 1, splashy + extraTextPos[1] - fontMetric s.height() - 1,
extraText)); extraText));
renderer->swapBuffers(); // FIXME: Buffer swap disabled to fix the disappearing splash screen
// It was probably left over from the time this class displayed an a
// loading bar anyway. --BM
} }
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