supernova.ssc   supernova.ssc 
// //
// Author: Alexander Wolf // Author: Alexander Wolf
// Version: 1.0 // Version: 1.0
// License: Public Domain // License: Public Domain
// Name: Tycho's Supernova // Name: Tycho's Supernova
// Description: Flash of supernova which was observed by Tycho Brahe in 157 2 year. For demos need enable plugin for supernovae. // Description: Flash of the supernova observed by Tycho Brahe in 1572. The Supernovae plugin has to be enabled.
// //
var color = "#9999FF"; var color = "#9999FF";
core.goHome(); core.goHome();
core.wait(1); core.wait(1);
core.setGuiVisible(false); core.setGuiVisible(false);
core.clear("natural"); core.clear("natural");
LabelMgr.deleteAllLabels(); LabelMgr.deleteAllLabels();
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