ExoplanetsDialog.hpp   ExoplanetsDialog.hpp 
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//! Initialize the dialog widgets and connect the signals/slots //! Initialize the dialog widgets and connect the signals/slots
void createDialogContent(); void createDialogContent();
public slots: public slots:
void retranslate(); void retranslate();
void refreshUpdateValues(void); void refreshUpdateValues(void);
private slots: private slots:
void setUpdateValues(int hours); void setUpdateValues(int hours);
void setUpdatesEnabled(int checkState); void setUpdatesEnabled(int checkState);
void setDistributionEnabled(int checkState);
void setTimelineEnabled(int checkState);
void updateStateReceiver(Exoplanets::UpdateState state); void updateStateReceiver(Exoplanets::UpdateState state);
void updateCompleteReceiver(); void updateCompleteReceiver();
void restoreDefaults(void); void restoreDefaults(void);
void saveSettings(void); void saveSettings(void);
void updateJSON(void); void updateJSON(void);
private: private:
Ui_exoplanetsDialog* ui; Ui_exoplanetsDialog* ui;
void setAboutHtml(void); void setAboutHtml(void);
void updateGuiFromSettings(void); void updateGuiFromSettings(void);
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