lunar_partial.ssc   lunar_partial.ssc 
// //
// Name: Partial Lunar Eclipse // Name: Partial Lunar Eclipse
// License: Public Domain // License: Public Domain
// Author: Matthew Gates // Author: Matthew Gates
// Description: Attempt to re-implement simple script from the old // Description: Script to demonstrate a partial lunar eclipse.
// scripting engine. Each old style command is shown
// first as a command with OLD: at the start of the line
// to help users of the old scripting engine learn how
// to use the new one.
// //
core.wait(1); core.wait(1);
core.clear("natural"); core.clear("natural");
LandscapeMgr.setFlagLandscape(false); LandscapeMgr.setFlagLandscape(false);
LandscapeMgr.setFlagAtmosphere(false); LandscapeMgr.setFlagAtmosphere(false);
LandscapeMgr.setFlagFog(false); LandscapeMgr.setFlagFog(false);
core.wait(1); core.wait(1);
core.setDate("2006:03:14T21:21:32"); core.setDate("2006:03:14T21:21:32");
core.selectObjectByName("Moon", false); core.selectObjectByName("Moon", false);
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