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class QRegExpValidator; class QRegExpValidator;
class QSpinBox; class QSpinBox;
class DefineTimeZoneWindow : public StelDialog class DefineTimeZoneWindow : public StelDialog
{ {
public: public:
DefineTimeZoneWindow(); DefineTimeZoneWindow();
~DefineTimeZoneWindow(); ~DefineTimeZoneWindow();
//! Fills the fields of the form with the time zone described in the
//! Call after createDialogContent() or setVisible() to avoid a cras
void setTimeZone(QString timeZoneString);
public slots:
void languageChanged(); void languageChanged();
signals: signals:
void timeZoneDefined(QString timeZoneString); void timeZoneDefined(QString timeZoneString);
protected: protected:
void createDialogContent(); void createDialogContent();
private: private:
Ui_defineTimeZoneForm * ui; Ui_defineTimeZoneForm * ui;
QRegExpValidator * timeZoneNameValidator; QRegExpValidator * timeZoneNameValidator;
void resetWindowState(); void resetWindowState();
void populateDateLists(); void populateDateLists();
void updateDayNumberMaximum(int monthIndex, QSpinBox * spinBoxDay); void updateDayNumberMaximum(int monthIndex, QSpinBox * spinBoxDay);
enum DstEndpoint {DstStart, DstEnd};
//! \returns false if #string is not a valid TZ DST end point descri
bool readDstEndpoint(const QString& string, DstEndpoint endpoint);
void setEndPointDate(int ordinalDate, bool leapYear, DstEndpoint end
private slots: private slots:
void useDefinition(); void useDefinition();
void updateDstOffset(double normalOffset); void updateDstOffset(double normalOffset);
void updateDayNumberMaximumDstStart(int monthIndex); void updateDayNumberMaximumDstStart(int monthIndex);
void updateDayNumberMaximumDstEnd(int monthIndex); void updateDayNumberMaximumDstEnd(int monthIndex);
}; };
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