StelMainWindow.cpp   StelMainWindow.cpp 
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#include <QSettings> #include <QSettings>
#include <QResizeEvent> #include <QResizeEvent>
#include <QIcon> #include <QIcon>
#include <QDebug> #include <QDebug>
#include <QCoreApplication> #include <QCoreApplication>
#include <QApplication> #include <QApplication>
#include <QHBoxLayout> #include <QHBoxLayout>
#include <QGLWidget> #include <QGLWidget>
#include <QtGui/QX11Info>
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/Xatom.h>
// Initialize static variables // Initialize static variables
StelMainWindow* StelMainWindow::singleton = NULL; StelMainWindow* StelMainWindow::singleton = NULL;
StelMainWindow::StelMainWindow() : QMainWindow(NULL) StelMainWindow::StelMainWindow() : QMainWindow(NULL)
{ {
// Can't create 2 StelMainWindow instances // Can't create 2 StelMainWindow instances
Q_ASSERT(!singleton); Q_ASSERT(!singleton);
singleton = this; singleton = this;
setAttribute(Qt::WA_NoSystemBackground); setAttribute(Qt::WA_NoSystemBackground);
setWindowIcon(QIcon(":/mainWindow/icon.bmp")); setWindowIcon(QIcon(":/mainWindow/icon.bmp"));
initTitleI18n(); initTitleI18n();
mainGraphicsView = new StelMainGraphicsView(this); mainGraphicsView = new StelMainGraphicsView(this);
setCentralWidget(mainGraphicsView); setCentralWidget(mainGraphicsView);
if (!winId())
qWarning("Can't grab keys unless we have a window id");
unsigned long val = 1;
Atom atom = XInternAtom(QX11Info::display(), "_HILDON_ZOOM_KEY_ATOM"
, False);
if (!atom)
qWarning("Unable to obtain _HILDON_ZOOM_KEY_ATOM. This only
works on a Maemo 5 device!");
XChangeProperty (QX11Info::display(), winId(), atom, XA_INTE
GER, 32,
PropModeReplace, reinterpret_cast<unsigned char *>(&
val), 1);
} }
// Update the translated title // Update the translated title
void StelMainWindow::initTitleI18n() void StelMainWindow::initTitleI18n()
{ {
QString appNameI18n = q_("Stellarium %1").arg(StelUtils::getApplicat ionVersion()); QString appNameI18n = q_("Stellarium %1").arg(StelUtils::getApplicat ionVersion());
setWindowTitle(appNameI18n); setWindowTitle(appNameI18n);
} }
void StelMainWindow::init(QSettings* conf) void StelMainWindow::init(QSettings* conf)
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