StelScriptSyntaxHighlighter.hpp   StelScriptSyntaxHighlighter.hpp 
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#include <QTextCharFormat> #include <QTextCharFormat>
class QTextDocument; class QTextDocument;
class StelScriptSyntaxHighlighter : public QSyntaxHighlighter class StelScriptSyntaxHighlighter : public QSyntaxHighlighter
{ {
public: public:
StelScriptSyntaxHighlighter(QTextDocument* parent=0); StelScriptSyntaxHighlighter(QTextDocument* parent=0);
void setFormats(void);
protected: protected:
void highlightBlock(const QString &text); void highlightBlock(const QString &text);
private: private:
struct HighlightingRule struct HighlightingRule
{ {
QRegExp pattern; QRegExp pattern;
QTextCharFormat format; QTextCharFormat* format;
}; };
QVector<HighlightingRule> highlightingRules; QVector<HighlightingRule> highlightingRules;
QTextCharFormat keywordFormat; QTextCharFormat keywordFormat;
QTextCharFormat moduleFormat; QTextCharFormat moduleFormat;
QTextCharFormat singleLineCommentFormat; QTextCharFormat commentFormat;
QTextCharFormat quotationFormat; QTextCharFormat constantFormat;
QTextCharFormat functionFormat; QTextCharFormat functionFormat;
}; };
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