Telescope.hpp   Telescope.hpp 
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public: public:
Telescope(QSqlRecord record); Telescope(QSqlRecord record);
virtual ~Telescope(); virtual ~Telescope();
double getDiameter(); double getDiameter();
double getFocalLength(); double getFocalLength();
int getTelescopeID(); int getTelescopeID();
const QString getName(); const QString getName();
bool isHFlipped(); bool isHFlipped();
bool isVFlipped(); bool isVFlipped();
private: private:
int telescopeID; int telescopeID;
QString name; QString name;
double diameter; double diameter;
double focalLength; double focalLength;
bool hFlipped; bool hFlipped;
bool vFlipped; bool vFlipped;
}; };
#endif /*TELESCOPE_HPP_*/ #endif /*TELESCOPE_HPP_*/
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