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public: public:
Ocular(QSqlRecord record); Ocular(QSqlRecord record);
virtual ~Ocular(); virtual ~Ocular();
const QString getName(); const QString getName();
int getOcularID(); int getOcularID();
double getAppearentFOV(); double getAppearentFOV();
double getEffectiveFocalLength(); double getEffectiveFocalLength();
double getFieldStop(); double getFieldStop();
double getAcutalFOV(Telescope *telescope); double getActualFOV(Telescope *telescope);
double getMagnification(Telescope *telescope); double getMagnification(Telescope *telescope);
double getExitCircle(Telescope *telescope); double getExitCircle(Telescope *telescope);
private: private:
int ocularID; int ocularID;
QString name; QString name;
double appearentFOV; double appearentFOV;
double effectiveFocalLength; double effectiveFocalLength;
double fieldStop; double fieldStop;
}; };
#endif /*OCULAR_HPP_*/ #endif /* OCULAR_HPP_ */
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