LogBookConfigDialog.hpp   LogBookConfigDialog.hpp 
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class Ui_LogBookConfigDialogForm; class Ui_LogBookConfigDialogForm;
class QSqlTableModel; class QSqlTableModel;
class LogBookConfigDialog : public StelDialogLogBook { class LogBookConfigDialog : public StelDialogLogBook {
public: public:
LogBookConfigDialog(QMap<QString, QSqlTableModel *> theTableModels); LogBookConfigDialog(QMap<QString, QSqlTableModel *> theTableModels);
virtual ~LogBookConfigDialog(); virtual ~LogBookConfigDialog();
void languageChanged(); void languageChanged();
virtual void setStelStyle(const StelStyle& style);
//! Notify that the application style changed //! Notify that the application style changed
void styleChanged(); void styleChanged();
public slots: public slots:
void closeWindow(); void closeWindow();
signals: signals:
void currentBarlowChanged(); void currentBarlowChanged();
void currentFilterChanged(); void currentFilterChanged();
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