AngleMeasure.hpp   AngleMeasure.hpp 
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public slots: public slots:
void enableAngleMeasure(bool b); void enableAngleMeasure(bool b);
private slots: private slots:
void clearMessage(); void clearMessage();
private: private:
QFont font; QFont font;
bool flagShowAngleMeasure; bool flagShowAngleMeasure;
bool lineVisible; LinearFader lineVisible;
LinearFader messageFader; LinearFader messageFader;
QTimer* messageTimer; QTimer* messageTimer;
bool dragging; bool dragging;
Vec3d startPoint; Vec3d startPoint;
Vec3d endPoint; Vec3d endPoint;
Vec3d perp1StartPoint; Vec3d perp1StartPoint;
Vec3d perp1EndPoint; Vec3d perp1EndPoint;
Vec3d perp2StartPoint; Vec3d perp2StartPoint;
Vec3d perp2EndPoint; Vec3d perp2EndPoint;
Vec3f textColor; Vec3f textColor;
Vec3f lineColor; Vec3f lineColor;
QString angleText; QString angleText;
bool flagUseDmsFormat; bool flagUseDmsFormat;
QPixmap* pxmapGlow;
QPixmap* pxmapOnIcon;
QPixmap* pxmapOffIcon;
StelButton* toolbarButton; StelButton* toolbarButton;
void calculateEnds(void); void calculateEnds(void);
}; };
#include "fixx11h.h" #include "fixx11h.h"
#include <QObject> #include <QObject>
#include "StelPluginInterface.hpp" #include "StelPluginInterface.hpp"
//! This class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface //! This class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
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