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N_("Charon"); N_("Charon");
N_("Solar System Observer"); N_("Solar System Observer");
// Cardinals names // Cardinals names
N_("N"); // North N_("N"); // North
N_("S"); // South N_("S"); // South
N_("E"); // East N_("E"); // East
N_("W"); // West N_("W"); // West
// Constellation cultures // Constellation cultures
N_("Chinese"); N_("Chinese");
N_("Egyptian"); N_("Egyptian");
N_("Inuit"); N_("Inuit");
N_("Korean"); N_("Korean");
N_("Lakota"); N_("Lakota");
N_("Navajo"); N_("Navajo");
N_("Norse"); N_("Norse");
N_("Polynesian"); N_("Polynesian");
N_("Western"); N_("Western");
N_("Tupi-Guarani"); N_("Tupi-Guarani");
} }
}; };
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