Stellarium 0.90.0
Deprecated List
Member GridLinesMgr::getFlagGalacticPlaneLine (void) const
Accessor for displaying Galactic "Plane" (i.e., Equator) Line.
Member GridLinesMgr::setFlagGalacticPlaneLine (const bool displayed)
Setter for displaying Galactic "Plane" (i.e., Equator) Line.
Member NebulaMgr::getBrightNebulaColor (void) const
Member NebulaMgr::setBrightNebulaColor (const Vec3f &c)
Member OBJ::Material::Illum
This is from the old illum model, do not consider this outside this class!
Member StelApp::getFlagOldAzimuthUsage () const
Use getFlagSouthAzimuthUsage() instead.
Member StelApp::setFlagOldAzimuthUsage (bool use)
Use setFlagSouthAzimuthUsage() instead.
Member StelMainScriptAPI::getObjectPosition (const QString &name)
Use getObjectInfo()
Member StelMainScriptAPI::setViewportOffset (const float x, const float y)
Use StelMovementMgr::moveViewport instead
Member StelUtils::strToVec3f (const QStringList &s)
Use the >> operator from Vec3f class