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ArchaeoLine Class Reference

Class which manages a line (small circle) to display around the sky like the solstices line. More...

#include <ArchaeoLines.hpp>

Public Types

enum  Line {
  CurrentPlanetNone, CurrentPlanetMercury, CurrentPlanetVenus, CurrentPlanetMars,
  CurrentPlanetJupiter, CurrentPlanetSaturn, Equinox, Solstices,
  Crossquarters, MajorStandstill, MinorStandstill, ZenithPassage,
  NadirPassage, SelectedObject, CurrentSun, CurrentMoon,
  CustomDeclination1, CustomDeclination2, SelectedObjectHourAngle, SelectedObjectAzimuth,
  GeographicLocation1, GeographicLocation2, CustomAzimuth1, CustomAzimuth2

Public Slots

void setColor (const Vec3f &c)
void update (const double deltaTime)
void setFadeDuration (const float duration)
void setDisplayed (const bool displayed)
void setFontSize (const int newSize)
void setFontSizeFromApp (const int newSize)
 To be connected to StelApp font size. newSize will be enlarged by 1.
void setDefiningAngle (const double angle)
 reset declination/azimuth angle (degrees) of this arc.
double getDefiningAngle (void) const
void updateLabel ()
 Re-translates the label.
void setLabelVisible (const bool b)
bool isLabelVisible () const
void setLineType (const ArchaeoLine::Line line)
void setLabel (const QString newLabel)
 change label. Used only for selected-object line - the other labels should not be changed!
QString getLabel () const


void colorChanged (Vec3f c)
void flagLabelChanged (bool on)
void definingAngleChanged (double angle)

Public Member Functions

 ArchaeoLine (ArchaeoLine::Line lineType, double definingAngle)
void draw (StelCore *core, float intensity=1.0f) const
const Vec3fgetColor () const
bool isDisplayed (void) const


Vec3f color
bool flagLabel
double definingAngle

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