Stellarium  0.16.1
Angle Measure plug-in


class  AngleMeasureDialog
 Main window of the Angle Measure plug-in. More...
class  AngleMeasure
 Main class of the Angle Measure plug-in. More...

Detailed Description

The Angle Measure plugin is a small tool which is used to measure the angular distance between two points on the sky.

goes misty eyed* I recall measuring the size of the Cassini Division when I was a student. It was not the high academic glamor one might expect... It was cloudy... It was rainy... The observatory lab had some old scopes set up at one end, pointing at a photograph of Saturn at the other end of the lab. We measured. We calculated. We wished we were in Hawaii.

Georg Zotti extended in 2014-09, enough to call it V4.0


Equatorial Mode (original): mark start,end: distance/position angle in the sky, line rotates with sky, spherical angles influenced by refraction (numbers given on celestial sphere).

Horizontal Mode: mark start,end: distance/position angle in alt/azimuthal coordinates, line stays fixed in alt-az system. Angle may be different near to horizon because of refraction!

It is possible to link start and/or end to the sky. Distance/position angle still always in alt/azimuthal coordinates.