Stellarium  0.16.1
QCPRange Member List

This is the complete list of members for QCPRange, including all inherited members.

center() const (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
contains(double value) const (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
expand(const QCPRange &otherRange) (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
expanded(const QCPRange &otherRange) const (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
lower (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
maxRange (defined in QCPRange)QCPRangestatic
minRange (defined in QCPRange)QCPRangestatic
normalize() (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
operator!=(const QCPRange &other) const (defined in QCPRange)QCPRangeinline
operator*(const QCPRange &range, double value)QCPRangefriend
operator*(double value, const QCPRange &range)QCPRangefriend
operator*=(const double &value)QCPRangeinline
operator+(const QCPRange &, double)QCPRangefriend
operator+(double, const QCPRange &)QCPRangefriend
operator+=(const double &value)QCPRangeinline
operator-(const QCPRange &range, double value)QCPRangefriend
operator-=(const double &value)QCPRangeinline
operator/(const QCPRange &range, double value)QCPRangefriend
operator/=(const double &value)QCPRangeinline
operator==(const QCPRange &other) const (defined in QCPRange)QCPRangeinline
QCPRange() (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
QCPRange(double lower, double upper) (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
sanitizedForLinScale() const (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
sanitizedForLogScale() const (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
size() const (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
upper (defined in QCPRange)QCPRange
validRange(double lower, double upper) (defined in QCPRange)QCPRangestatic
validRange(const QCPRange &range) (defined in QCPRange)QCPRangestatic