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StelProjector Member List

This is the complete list of members for StelProjector, including all inherited members.
backward(Vec3d &v) const =0StelProjector [pure virtual]
boundingCap (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
checkInViewport(const Vec3d &pos) const StelProjector
checkInViewport(const Vec3f &pos) const StelProjector
computeBoundingCap()StelProjector [protected, virtual]
defautAngleForGravityText (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
deltaZoom(float fov) const =0StelProjector [pure virtual]
flipHorz (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
flipVert (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
forward(Vec3f &v) const =0StelProjector [pure virtual]
fovToViewScalingFactor(float fov) const =0StelProjector [pure virtual]
getBoundingCap() const StelProjector
getDescriptionI18() const StelProjector [inline, virtual]
getFlagGravityLabels() const StelProjector
getFov() const StelProjector
getHtmlSummary() const StelProjector
getMaskType(void) const StelProjector
getMaxFov() const =0StelProjector [pure virtual]
getModelViewTransform() const StelProjector
getNameI18() const =0StelProjector [pure virtual]
getPixelPerRadAtCenter() const StelProjector
getProjectionMatrix() const StelProjector
getViewport() const StelProjector
getViewportCenter() const StelProjector
getViewportConvexPolygon(float marginX=0., float marginY=0.) const StelProjector
getViewportHeight() const StelProjector
getViewportPosX() const StelProjector
getViewportPosY() const StelProjector
getViewportWidth() const StelProjector
gravityLabels (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
hasDiscontinuity() const =0StelProjector [protected, pure virtual]
intersectViewportDiscontinuity(const Vec3d &p1, const Vec3d &p2) const StelProjector
intersectViewportDiscontinuity(const SphericalCap &cap) const (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector
intersectViewportDiscontinuityInternal(const Vec3d &p1, const Vec3d &p2) const =0StelProjector [protected, pure virtual]
intersectViewportDiscontinuityInternal(const Vec3d &capN, double capD) const =0StelProjector [protected, pure virtual]
MaskDisk enum valueStelProjector
MaskNone enum valueStelProjector
maskType (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
maskTypeToString(StelProjectorMaskType type)StelProjector [static]
ModelViewTranformP typedefStelProjector
modelViewTransform (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
needGlFrontFaceCW() const StelProjector
oneOverZNearMinusZFar (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
pixelPerRad (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
project(const Vec3d &v, Vec3d &win) const StelProjector
project(const Vec3f &v, Vec3f &win) const StelProjector
project(int n, const Vec3d *in, Vec3f *out) (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [virtual]
project(int n, const Vec3f *in, Vec3f *out) (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [virtual]
projectCheck(const Vec3d &v, Vec3d &win) const StelProjector
projectCheck(const Vec3f &v, Vec3f &win) const StelProjector
projectInPlace(Vec3d &vd) const StelProjector
projectInPlace(Vec3f &v) const StelProjector
projectLineCheck(const Vec3d &v1, Vec3d &win1, const Vec3d &v2, Vec3d &win2) const StelProjector
StelProjector(ModelViewTranformP amodelViewTransform)StelProjector [inline, protected]
StelProjectorMaskType enum nameStelProjector
stringToMaskType(const QString &s)StelProjector [static]
unProject(const Vec3d &win, Vec3d &v) const StelProjector
unProject(double x, double y, Vec3d &v) const (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector
viewportCenter (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
viewportFovDiameter (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
viewPortIntersect(const Vec3d &p1, const Vec3d &p2) const StelProjector
viewportXywh (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
viewScalingFactorToFov(float vsf) const =0StelProjector [pure virtual]
zNear (defined in StelProjector)StelProjector [protected]
~StelProjector()StelProjector [inline, virtual]
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