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StelFileMgr Member List

This is the complete list of members for StelFileMgr, including all inherited members.
baseName(const QString &path)StelFileMgr [static]
Directory enum valueStelFileMgr
dirName(const QString &path)StelFileMgr [static]
exists(const QString &path)StelFileMgr [static]
File enum valueStelFileMgr
findFile(const QString &path, const Flags &flags=(Flags) 0)StelFileMgr [static]
findFileInAllPaths(const QString &path, const Flags &flags=(Flags) 0)StelFileMgr [static]
Flags enum nameStelFileMgr
getCacheDir()StelFileMgr [static]
getDesktopDir()StelFileMgr [static]
getInstallationDir()StelFileMgr [static]
getLocaleDir()StelFileMgr [static]
getScreenshotDir()StelFileMgr [static]
getSearchPaths(void)StelFileMgr [inline, static]
getUserDir()StelFileMgr [static]
Hidden enum valueStelFileMgr
init()StelFileMgr [static]
isAbsolute(const QString &path)StelFileMgr [static]
isDirectory(const QString &path)StelFileMgr [static]
isReadable(const QString &path)StelFileMgr [static]
isWritable(const QString &path)StelFileMgr [static]
listContents(const QString &path, const Flags &flags=(Flags) 0, bool recursive=false)StelFileMgr [static]
makeSureDirExistsAndIsWritable(const QString &dirFullPath)StelFileMgr [static]
mkDir(const QString &path)StelFileMgr [static]
New enum valueStelFileMgr
RemovableMedia enum valueStelFileMgr
setScreenshotDir(const QString &newDir)StelFileMgr [static]
setSearchPaths(const QStringList &paths)StelFileMgr [static]
setUserDir(const QString &newDir)StelFileMgr [static]
size(const QString &path)StelFileMgr [static]
Writable enum valueStelFileMgr
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