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BottomStelBar Member List

This is the complete list of members for BottomStelBar, including all inherited members.
addButton(StelButton *button, const QString &groupName="defaultGroup", const QString &beforeActionName="")BottomStelBar
BottomStelBar(QGraphicsItem *parent, const QPixmap &pixLeft=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixRight=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixMiddle=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixSingle=QPixmap()) (defined in BottomStelBar)BottomStelBar
boundingRect() const (defined in BottomStelBar)BottomStelBar [virtual]
boundingRectNoHelpLabel() const (defined in BottomStelBar)BottomStelBar
hideButton(const QString &actionName)BottomStelBar
paint(QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *option, QWidget *widget=0) (defined in BottomStelBar)BottomStelBar [virtual]
setColor(const QColor &c)BottomStelBar
setFlagShowLocation(bool b)BottomStelBar [inline]
setFlagShowTime(bool b)BottomStelBar [inline]
setGroupBackground(const QString &groupName, const QPixmap &pixLeft=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixRight=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixMiddle=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixSingle=QPixmap())BottomStelBar
setGroupMargin(const QString &groupName, int left, int right)BottomStelBar
setRedMode(bool b)BottomStelBar
~BottomStelBar() (defined in BottomStelBar)BottomStelBar [virtual]
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