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Planet Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Planet (const QString &englishName, int flagLighting, double radius, double oblateness, Vec3f color, float albedo, const QString &texMapName, posFuncType _coordFunc, void *userDataPtr, OsculatingFunctType *osculatingFunc, bool closeOrbit, bool hidden, bool hasAtmosphere)
virtual QString getInfoString (const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const
virtual double getCloseViewFov (const StelCore *core) const
virtual double getSatellitesFov (const StelCore *core) const
virtual double getParentSatellitesFov (const StelCore *core) const
virtual float getVMagnitude (const StelCore *core, bool withExtinction=false) const
virtual float getSelectPriority (const StelCore *core) const
virtual Vec3f getInfoColor (void) const
virtual QString getType (void) const
virtual Vec3d getJ2000EquatorialPos (const StelCore *core) const
virtual QString getEnglishName (void) const
virtual QString getNameI18n (void) const
virtual double getAngularSize (const StelCore *core) const
virtual bool hasAtmosphere (void)
virtual void translateName (StelTranslator &trans)
void draw (StelCore *core, float maxMagLabels, const QFont &planetNameFont)
double getRadius (void) const
double getSiderealDay (void) const
const QString & getTextMapName () const
double getSiderealTime (double jd) const
Mat4d getRotEquatorialToVsop87 (void) const
void setRotEquatorialToVsop87 (const Mat4d &m)
const RotationElementsgetRotationElements (void) const
void computePositionWithoutOrbits (const double date)
void computePosition (const double date)
void computeTransMatrix (double date)
double getPhase (const Vec3d &obsPos) const
double getSpheroidAngularSize (const StelCore *core) const
void setRotationElements (float _period, float _offset, double _epoch, float _obliquity, float _ascendingNode, float _precessionRate, double _siderealPeriod)
double getRotAscendingnode (void) const
double getRotObliquity (void) const
Vec3d getEclipticPos () const
Vec3d getHeliocentricEclipticPos () const
void setHeliocentricEclipticPos (const Vec3d &pos)
double computeDistance (const Vec3d &obsHelioPos)
double getDistance (void) const
void setRings (Ring *r)
void setSphereScale (float s)
float getSphereScale (void) const
const QSharedPointer< PlanetgetParent (void) const
void update (int deltaTime)
void setFlagHints (bool b)
bool getFlagHints (void) const
void setFlagLabels (bool b)
bool getFlagLabels (void) const
void setFlagOrbits (bool b)
bool getFlagOrbits (void) const
void drawOrbit (const StelCore *)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setLabelColor (const Vec3f &lc)
static const Vec3fgetLabelColor (void)
static void setOrbitColor (const Vec3f &oc)
static const Vec3fgetOrbitColor ()

Public Attributes

LinearFader orbitFader
Vec3d orbit [ORBIT_SEGMENTS+1]
double lastOrbitJD
double deltaJD
double deltaOrbitJD
bool orbitCached
bool closeOrbit

Static Public Attributes

static Vec3f orbitColor

Protected Member Functions

void drawEarthShadow (StelCore *core, StelPainter *sPainter)
QString getSkyLabel (const StelCore *core) const
void draw3dModel (StelCore *core, StelProjector::ModelViewTranformP transfo, float screenSz)
void drawSphere (StelPainter *painter, float screenSz)
void drawHints (const StelCore *core, const QFont &planetNameFont)

Protected Attributes

QString englishName
QString nameI18
QString texMapName
int flagLighting
RotationElements re
double radius
double oneMinusOblateness
Vec3d eclipticPos
Vec3d screenPos
Vec3d previousScreenPos
Vec3f color
float albedo
Mat4d rotLocalToParent
float axisRotation
StelTextureSP texMap
double distance
float sphereScale
double lastJD
posFuncType coordFunc
void * userDataPtr
OsculatingFunctType *const osculatingFunc
QSharedPointer< Planetparent
QList< QSharedPointer< Planet > > satellites
LinearFader hintFader
LinearFader labelsFader
bool flagLabels
bool hidden
bool atmosphere

Static Protected Attributes

static StelTextureSP texEarthShadow
static Vec3f labelColor
static StelTextureSP hintCircleTex

Member Function Documentation

virtual double Planet::getAngularSize ( const StelCore core) const [virtual]

Return the angular radius of a circle containing the object as seen from the observer with the circle center assumed to be at getJ2000EquatorialPos().

radius in degree. This value is the apparent angular size of the object, and is independent of the current FOV.

Implements StelObject.

virtual QString Planet::getInfoString ( const StelCore core,
const InfoStringGroup flags 
) const [virtual]

Get a string with data about the Planet.

Planets support the following InfoStringGroup flags:

  • Name
  • Magnitude
  • RaDec
  • AltAzi
  • Distance
  • Size
  • PlainText - Extra1: Heliocentric Ecliptical Coordinates
    • Extra2: Observer-planetocentric Ecliptical Coordinates
      corethe StelCore object
      flagsa set of InfoStringGroup items to include in the return value.
      a QString containing an HMTL encoded description of the Planet.

Implements StelObject.

Reimplemented in Comet, and MinorPlanet.

double Planet::getRadius ( void  ) const [inline]

Get the radius of the planet in AU.

the radius of the planet in astronomical units.