Stellarium 0.11.2
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Public Member Functions
BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapper1 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 StarWrapper1 (const SpecialZoneArray< Star1 > *a, const SpecialZoneData< Star1 > *z, const Star1 *s)
QString getInfoString (const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const
QString getEnglishName (void) const

Member Function Documentation

QString BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapper1::getInfoString ( const StelCore core,
const InfoStringGroup flags 
) const [virtual]

StarWrapper1 supports the following InfoStringGroup flags:

  • Name
  • CatalogNumber
  • Magnitude
  • RaDecJ2000
  • RaDec
  • AltAzi
  • Extra1 (spectral type)
  • Distance
  • Extra2 (parallax)
  • PlainText
corethe StelCore object.
flagsa set of InfoStringGroup items to include in the return value.
a QString containing an HMTL encoded description of the StarWrapper1.

Reimplemented from BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapperBase.