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StelObject Class Reference

The base abstract class for sky objects used in Stellarium like Stars, Planets, Constellations etc... More...

#include <StelObject.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  InfoStringGroup {
  Name = 0x00000001, CatalogNumber = 0x00000002, Magnitude = 0x00000004, RaDecJ2000 = 0x00000008,
  RaDecOfDate = 0x00000010, AltAzi = 0x00000020, Distance = 0x00000040, Size = 0x00000080,
  Extra1 = 0x00000100, Extra2 = 0x00000200, Extra3 = 0x00000400, PlainText = 0x00000800,
  HourAngle = 0x00001000, AbsoluteMagnitude = 0x00002000

Public Member Functions

virtual SphericalRegionP getRegion () const
virtual QString getInfoString (const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags=StelObject::AllInfo) const =0
virtual QString getType (void) const =0
virtual QString getEnglishName (void) const =0
virtual QString getNameI18n (void) const =0
virtual Vec3d getJ2000EquatorialPos (const StelNavigator *nav) const =0
Vec3d getEquinoxEquatorialPos (const StelNavigator *nav) const
Vec3d getSideralPos (const StelCore *core) const
Vec3d getAltAzPos (const StelNavigator *nav) const
virtual float getVMagnitude (const StelNavigator *) const
virtual float getSelectPriority (const StelNavigator *) const
virtual Vec3f getInfoColor () const
virtual double getCloseViewFov (const StelNavigator *) const
virtual double getSatellitesFov (const StelNavigator *) const
virtual double getParentSatellitesFov (const StelNavigator *) const
virtual double getAngularSize (const StelCore *core) const =0

Static Public Attributes

static const InfoStringGroup AllInfo = (InfoStringGroup)(Name|CatalogNumber|Magnitude|RaDecJ2000|RaDecOfDate|AltAzi|Distance|Size|Extra1|Extra2|Extra3|HourAngle|AbsoluteMagnitude)
static const InfoStringGroup ShortInfo = (InfoStringGroup)(Name|CatalogNumber|Magnitude|RaDecJ2000)

Protected Member Functions

QString getPositionInfoString (const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const
void postProcessInfoString (QString &str, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const

Detailed Description

The base abstract class for sky objects used in Stellarium like Stars, Planets, Constellations etc...

Normally you should use StelObjectP instead of StelObject* which have by default the same behaviour, but which can be added reference counting if needed.

See also:

Member Enumeration Documentation

used as named bitfield flags as specifiers to filter results of getInfoString.

The precise definition of these should be documented in the getInfoString documentation for the derived classes for all specifiers which are defined in that derivative.


An object's name.


Catalog numbers.


Magnitude related data.


The equatorial position (J2000 ref).


The equatorial position (of date).


The position (Altitude/Azimuth).


Info about an object's distance.


Info about an object's size.


Derived class-specific extra fields.


Derived class-specific extra fields.


Derived class-specific extra fields.


Strip HTML tags from output.


The hour angle + DE (of date).


The absolute magnitude.

Member Function Documentation

virtual double StelObject::getAngularSize ( const StelCore core  )  const [pure virtual]

Return the angular radius of a circle containing the object as seen from the observer with the circle center assumed to be at getJ2000EquatorialPos().

radius in degree. This value is the apparent angular size of the object, and is independent of the current FOV.

Implemented in Nebula, Planet, BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapper< Star >, BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapper< Star2 >, BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapper< Star3 >, and BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapper< Star1 >.

virtual QString StelObject::getInfoString ( const StelCore core,
const InfoStringGroup flags = StelObject::AllInfo 
) const [pure virtual]

Write I18n information about the object in QString.

core the StelCore object to use
flags a set of InfoStringGroup flags which are used to filter the return value - including specified types of information and altering the output format.
an HTML string containing information about the StelObject.

Implemented in Comet, MinorPlanet, Nebula, Planet, BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapperBase, and BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapper1.

virtual SphericalRegionP StelObject::getRegion (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Default implementation of the getRegion method.

Calling this method on some object will cause an error if they need a valid StelNavigator instance to compute their position. Return the spatial region of the object.

Implements StelRegionObject.

Reimplemented in Nebula.