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HelpDialog Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void setKey (QString group, QString oldKey, QString newKey, QString description)
void languageChanged ()
void styleChanged ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void createDialogContent ()

Protected Attributes

Ui_helpDialogForm * ui

Member Function Documentation

void HelpDialog::setKey ( QString  group,
QString  oldKey,
QString  newKey,
QString  description 

Set a key and description.

group and description must be in English; this function takes care of translating them. Of course, they still have to be marked for translation using the N_() macro.
group is the help group. e.g. "Movement" or "Time & Date"
oldKey is the textual representation of the old key binding (in the case or re-mapping), e.g. "CTRL + H". Can be an empty string
newKey is the textual representation of the key binding, e.g. "CTRL + H"
description is a short description of what the key does