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BottomStelBar Class Reference

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struct  ButtonGroup

Public Member Functions

 BottomStelBar (QGraphicsItem *parent, const QPixmap &pixLeft=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixRight=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixMiddle=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixSingle=QPixmap())
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *option, QWidget *widget=0)
virtual QRectF boundingRect () const
QRectF boundingRectNoHelpLabel () const
void addButton (StelButton *button, const QString &groupName="defaultGroup", const QString &beforeActionName="")
StelButtonhideButton (const QString &actionName)
void setGroupMargin (const QString &groupName, int left, int right)
void setGroupBackground (const QString &groupName, const QPixmap &pixLeft=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixRight=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixMiddle=QPixmap(), const QPixmap &pixSingle=QPixmap())
void setColor (const QColor &c)
void setRedMode (bool b)
void setFlagShowTime (bool b)
void setFlagShowLocation (bool b)

Member Function Documentation

void BottomStelBar::addButton ( StelButton button,
const QString &  groupName = "defaultGroup",
const QString &  beforeActionName = "" 

Add a button in a group in the button bar.

Group are displayed in alphabetic order.

button the button to add
groupName the name of the button group to which the button belongs to. If the group doesn't exist yet, a new one is created.
beforeActionName insert the button before the button associated to the given action. If the action doesn't exist, insert it at the end of the group.