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Public Member Functions

BigStarCatalogExtension::HipZoneArray Class Reference

ZoneArray of Hipparcos stars. More...

#include <ZoneArray.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 HipZoneArray (QFile *file, bool byte_swap, bool use_mmap, int level, int mag_min, int mag_range, int mag_steps)
void updateHipIndex (HipIndexStruct hipIndex[]) const

Detailed Description

ZoneArray of Hipparcos stars.

It's just a SpecialZoneArray<Star1> that implements updateHipIndex(HipIndexStruct).

Member Function Documentation

void BigStarCatalogExtension::HipZoneArray::updateHipIndex ( HipIndexStruct  hipIndex[]  )  const [virtual]

Add Hipparcos information for all stars in this catalog into hipIndex.

hipIndex array of Hipparcos info structs

Reimplemented from BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray.