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StelSkyImageTile Class Reference

Base class for any astro image with a fixed position. More...

#include <StelSkyImageTile.hpp>

Inherits MultiLevelJsonBase.

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 StelSkyImageTile ()
 StelSkyImageTile (const QString &url, StelSkyImageTile *parent=NULL)
 StelSkyImageTile (const QVariantMap &map, StelSkyImageTile *parent)
 ~StelSkyImageTile ()
void draw (StelCore *core, const StelPainter &sPainter)
DataSetCredits getDataSetCredits () const
ServerCredits getServerCredits () const
bool isReadyToDisplay () const
QVariantMap toQVariantMap () const
QString getAbsoluteImageURI () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void loadFromQVariantMap (const QVariantMap &map)

Protected Attributes

float minResolution
ServerCredits serverCredits
DataSetCredits dataSetCredits
QString absoluteImageURI
float luminance
bool alphaBlend
bool noTexture
QList< StelGeom::ConvexPolygonskyConvexPolygons
QList< QList< Vec2f > > textureCoords
StelTextureSP tex

Detailed Description

Base class for any astro image with a fixed position.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StelSkyImageTile::StelSkyImageTile (  )  [inline]

Default constructor.

StelSkyImageTile::StelSkyImageTile ( const QString &  url,
StelSkyImageTile parent = NULL 


StelSkyImageTile::StelSkyImageTile ( const QVariantMap &  map,
StelSkyImageTile parent 


StelSkyImageTile::~StelSkyImageTile (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

void StelSkyImageTile::draw ( StelCore core,
const StelPainter sPainter 

Draw the image on the screen.

DataSetCredits StelSkyImageTile::getDataSetCredits (  )  const [inline]

Return the dataset credits to use in the progress bar.

ServerCredits StelSkyImageTile::getServerCredits (  )  const [inline]

Return the server credits to use in the progress bar.

bool StelSkyImageTile::isReadyToDisplay (  )  const

Return true if the tile is fully loaded and can be displayed.

QVariantMap StelSkyImageTile::toQVariantMap (  )  const

Convert the image informations to a map following the JSON structure.

It can be saved as JSON using the StelJsonParser methods.

Reimplemented from MultiLevelJsonBase.

QString StelSkyImageTile::getAbsoluteImageURI (  )  const [inline]

Return the absolute path/URL to the image file.

virtual void StelSkyImageTile::loadFromQVariantMap ( const QVariantMap &  map  )  [protected, virtual]

Load the tile from a valid QVariantMap.

Implements MultiLevelJsonBase.

Member Data Documentation

Minimum resolution of the data of the texture in degree/pixel.

The credits of the server where this data come from.

The credits for the data set.

URL where the image is located.

float StelSkyImageTile::luminance [protected]

The image luminance in cd/m^2.

bool StelSkyImageTile::alphaBlend [protected]

Whether the texture must be blended.

bool StelSkyImageTile::noTexture [protected]

True if the tile is just a list of other tiles without texture for itself.

Direction of the vertices of each polygons in ICRS frame.

QList< QList<Vec2f> > StelSkyImageTile::textureCoords [protected]

Positions of the vertex of each convex polygons in texture space.

The texture of the tile.

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