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StelDialog Class Reference

Base class for all the GUI windows in stellarium. More...

#include <StelDialog.hpp>

Inherited by ConfigurationDialog, DateTimeDialog, DownloadPopup, HelpDialog, LocationDialog, SearchDialog, and ViewDialog.

List of all members.

Public Slots

void setVisible (bool)
void close ()


void visibleChanged (bool)

Public Member Functions

virtual void languageChanged ()=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void createDialogContent ()=0

Protected Attributes

QWidget * dialog
class CustomProxy * proxy

Detailed Description

Base class for all the GUI windows in stellarium.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void StelDialog::languageChanged (  )  [pure virtual]

Retranslate the content of the dialog.

Implemented in SearchDialog.

virtual void StelDialog::createDialogContent (  )  [protected, pure virtual]

Initialize the dialog widgets and connect the signals/slots.

Implemented in SearchDialog.

Member Data Documentation

QWidget* StelDialog::dialog [protected]

The main dialog.

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