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SkyLabel Class Reference

Used to create user labels which are bound to some object on the celestial sphere. More...

#include <LabelMgr.hpp>

Inherits StelLabel.

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Public Types

enum  Style { TextOnly, Line }

Public Member Functions

 SkyLabel (const QString &text, StelObjectP bindObject, StelFont *font, Vec3f color, QString side="NE", double distance=-1.0, SkyLabel::Style style=TextOnly, double enclosureSize=0.0)
virtual bool draw (StelCore *core, const StelPainter &sPainter)

Detailed Description

Used to create user labels which are bound to some object on the celestial sphere.

The object in question can be any existing StelObject or celestial coordinates.

Member Enumeration Documentation

determined the way the object to which the label is bound is indicated.

TextOnly  Just put the label near the object.
Line  Draw a line from the label text to the object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SkyLabel::SkyLabel ( const QString &  text,
StelObjectP  bindObject,
StelFont *  font,
Vec3f  color,
QString  side = "NE",
double  distance = -1.0,
SkyLabel::Style  style = TextOnly,
double  enclosureSize = 0.0 

Constructor of a SkyLabel which is attached to an existing object.

text the text which will be displayed
bindObject a pointer to an existing object to which the label will be attached
font a pointer the font to use for this label
color choose a color for the label
side which side of the object to draw the label, values N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW, C (C is centred on the object)
distance the distance from the object to draw the label. If < 0.0, placement is automatic.
style determines how the label is drawn
enclosureSize determines the size of the enclosure for styles Box and Circle

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool SkyLabel::draw ( StelCore core,
const StelPainter sPainter 
) [virtual]

Draw the label on the sky.

core the StelCore object
sPainter the StelPainter to use for drawing operations

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