Stellarium 0.14.3
Pulsar Member List

This is the complete list of members for Pulsar, including all inherited members.

getAngularSize(const StelCore *core) const Pulsarvirtual
getEnglishName(void) const Pulsarinlinevirtual
getInfoColor(void) const (defined in Pulsar)Pulsarvirtual
getInfoString(const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const Pulsarvirtual
getJ2000EquatorialPos(const StelCore *) const (defined in Pulsar)Pulsarinlinevirtual
getNameI18n(void) const Pulsarinlinevirtual
getSelectPriority(const StelCore *core) const (defined in Pulsar)Pulsarvirtual
getType(void) const Pulsarinlinevirtual
getVMagnitude(const StelCore *core) const Pulsarvirtual
getVMagnitudeWithExtinction(const StelCore *core) const (defined in Pulsar)Pulsarvirtual
Pulsar(const QVariantMap &map)Pulsar
update(double deltaTime) (defined in Pulsar)Pulsar
~Pulsar() (defined in Pulsar)Pulsar